Some lovely authors and book bloggers were kind enough to interview me on their blogs. They asked smart, interesting questions. Check out my answers and learn a little more about me, my writing, and my books!

Author Diane Burton interviewed me… find out just how badly I messed up my first manuscript and what my go-to genre is (isn’t it paranormal…??)!

Author Hart Johnson interviewed me… find out how I successfully, or un-successfully?, balance out how much faith I put into my non-Christian genre books AND MORE, like who inspired my characters, is Shady Creek, WI a real place? and what’s NEXT in my series?

Among the Reads interview… find out whether or not I have a green thumb (among other bookish and non-bookish tidbits!)

Heidi from The Caffeinated Bibliophile interviewed me… find out how long it takes me to write a book.

The Pacific Northwest Bookworm interviewed me… find out which book in The Legend of Shady Creek (Kingdom Come) series is my favorite!

Author Ronel Janse van Vuuren interviewed me… find out how I best spend money on my books.

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