Kingdom Come Companion Stories

The legend of Shady Creek has been kept secret for decades, but these characters, though minor, play a major role in uncovering its mysteries.

Get to know more about Kari, Legion, Mila, Cole, and Mitch in the companion short stories and novellas in Cecelia Earl’s Kingdom Come Series: The Legend of Shady Creek.

before the ashes cover finalKari’s actions will shake the world as she knows it …

The arrival of a strange, mysterious boy shakes things up in this intriguing short story addition to the Kingdom Come series.

Kari is nobody special. She’s a high school spirit enthusiast, an aspiring Homecoming Queen, and a struggling student who benefits from tutoring sessions with the actual Homecoming Queen, Julia White.

Kari’s a pleaser, and she’ll deny herself anything if it means making someone else happier, and that includes Julia. So, if that means studying to get a good grade on her math test, then that’s what she’s bound and determined to do.

But studying and doing well on a test, even to please her friend, soon becomes the least of her worries.

Kari’s just another senior at Shady Creek High School until shadows creep to cover the land around her renovated farmhouse one autumn evening. It’s a night she won’t remember, but its impact will shake the world as she knows it—because in those shadows hides a powerful, conspiring demon with big plans for her.

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after the ashesAngels like you’ve never seen them before…

Warrior Angel Mila is determined to prove to Archangel Michael she’s the right angel to lead the saints into battle, but there’s more at stake than her will and pride once a human charge dies at the hands of a demon.

Guardian Angels are disappearing. Mila is prepared to fight any battle to find and rescue them. She’ll also do anything to win the coveted position as the leader of the squadron of saints—until that includes becoming a Guardian.

She’s been a Warrior since Beginning Times. It’s all she knows how to do, all she wants to do. She doesn’t think she’s the right person for the job, but an important soul is Unguarded, and she can’t bring herself to tell Archangel Michael no. Besides, if her rival and competitor, Nicholas, can be both Guardian and Warrior, then so can she. Where Nicholas is strict and fierce, she’s fiery and impulsive. He’s a rigid Traditionalist, she’s quick and always ready to attack. Will her strength become her weakness when she continuously makes mistakes—and worse—falls for her rival?

Who will earn the coveted position, especially once Nicholas’ charge lives… and hers dies?

A behind-the-scenes look at the hierarchy of angels from Cecelia Earl’s Kingdom Come series, After the Ashes is a Kingdom Come novella, Mila’s story.

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after the smokeWhen Cole’s humanity comes at a price, he pays with his freedom. Sentencing himself to exile in realms outside angelic protection, he’s literally in Hell.

But once his charge’s father, Raif, is abducted and detained in the cell next to him, he’s determined to set him free. After all, his charge is also the love of his existence. The trouble is, the devil has given him the task of siphoning Raif’s soul to fuel his army with his human-angel Hybrid power. And if he doesn’t comply, they may both be doomed to an eternity of withering away while their Glory helps Hell’s kingdom come.

With Cole’s will and energy draining, will he be able to fight off the demands of Hell to save the last of his goodness, or will he fade away, leaving his charge and her family forever at the mercy of the Prince of Hell?

After the Smoke is a behind the scenes look at the world beyond Julia’s earthly realm in Shady Creek. A Kingdom Come Novella, this is Cole’s story, Book 2.5.

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after the fire final

Left behind by everyone he cares about, everyone who understands him, Mitch begins to spend more and more time at The Willows, lying beside the waters Shady Creek is named for. He stares across the creek, over the land of Summersby Corner, daydreaming about what used to be.

Until the one day he gazes into the shadowy waters. What he sees may not change what’s already happened, but it may affect what’s yet to come.

Mitch’s Kingdom Come short story… After the Fire.



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