the good, the ugly, THE NEWS

aaknru67hh40eTHE NEWS: i have decided to take the plunge into the business side of publication and SELF-PUBLISH MY NOVELS. this is NOT an over-night decision. it’s one i almost made two years ago, but obviously didn’t. why publish my books myself? that’s a fantastic question. a question, i think, you can ask several different authors and receive several different answers to. although you may get varying degrees of similar responses.  MY reason will be explained in a future blog post. 🙂

the good: i have many online friends who are friendly and helpful and willing to SHARE information and advice and resources and TIME. i mean, nobody ever has enough time, but people who probably barely REMEMBER ME from the blogosphere five years ago have taken the time to email me (several times) to share their knowledge with me. plus, i have my daily writing group–a squad of writers who chat about writing and life, who are available at all hours of the day, and don’t mention the amount of space MY questions and TALK take up.


the ugly: wasting time is SO easy to do, and i don’t even mean in the usual ways writers usually give for excuses: twitter, Facebook, binge-watching shows on Netflix. NO, i mean by doing productive, necessary things, like starting an author Facebook page, twitter account, this site and this blog, designing COVERS, and finding and contacting an editor to hire, and REVISING THE NOVEL (the one i’m so excited AND FRIGHTENED to share with you all!!!!!!).

just you wait, THE BEAUTIFUL is just around the corner. 🙂


much love, cecelia ❤


6 thoughts on “the good, the ugly, THE NEWS

  1. Excited to follow your journey, Cecelia

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    1. Thank you for following along, Vera! I’m so excited to share it with you.


  2. So excited for you! such a wonderful decision! You’re going to do great!

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    1. I’m so grateful for your enthusiasm and confidence in me!!


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