It’s the time of year when…


The hustle and bustle is overwhelming. I’m racing to help my students create gifts for their parents, hurrying to finish up math, science, and literacy units before the Christmas break, preparing a birthday party and gifts for my youngest son, and staying up late to shop for and wrap Christmas gifts.

But through it all, I remember the reason for this most blessed season. The most precious gift is that of our Savior. He is a gift for each of us. And as with all gifts, He is meant to be appreciated and shared.  So this Christmas, as I unwrap the gift of His peace, love, truth, and joy, given to me by God through His Most Holy Son, I share with you this love, along with prayers, blessings, and hope.

May you have a blessed, peaceful, and joyful Christmas, and may His gifts remain with you all the new year through.

Merry Christmas, and to those of you who don’t celebrate, Happy Holidays of all kinds. Enjoy your family, friends, relaxation, and a book or two in the weeks ahead!

Much love,

Cecelia ❤



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