Allow me to introduce myself…

Hi there!

I know you can read about me on the sidebar and in the welcome message on the Home page and on the About Cecelia page, but I thought maybe you’d like to know a little bit more.

Why I write what I write

I’ve always loved to read. Growing up, I loved dog stories and ghost stories. Judy Blume. The Babysitters’ Club. Sweet Valley High. Nancy Drew. Trixie Beldon. Jane Yolen–The Devils’ Arithmetic. Books about girls with sisters dying from cancer. Girls with boy troubles and friend troubles. Girls who wanted to play the piano. Katharine Patterson’s  Lyddie and Jacob Have I Loved. My Side of the Mountain. Hatchet.  I could go on, but I’ll stop…

As an adult I read adult mystery thrillers. I liked Kate White. Perri O’Shaunessy. Usually series. I read from Oprah’s book list. The Pilot’s Wife. Drowning Ruth. Some others. Then I read Twilight, loved it, learned she was a mom of three kids like me, and one night, while eating peanut-buttered toast and drinking a glass of wine, I thought, I think I can write novels too. So, I decided to try my hand at young adult novels. Then, of course, I went on to devour all the popular titles of the past few years, including some angel novels, like the Unearthly trilogy, the Hush, Hush trilogy, and the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series.

I write what I enjoy reading. I write both contemporary sweet romances, contemporary issue books (usually dealing with grief and crises of values or faith), and my angel series.

I write to let go, to escape, to discover, and to challenge my imagination. I love words and I love stories, but it takes work and thought and organization to make them work together properly.

I hope my stories will be relaxing escapes for you, that you’ll enjoy my characters and be thrilled by their adventures.

Where and when I write

I write early in the morning and late, late at night. Sleep? Overrated. I write on the couch, on the floor in front of the fireplace, sometimes in my bed or my kids’ beds, sometimes during lunch at work, and lately, in my “office” the dining room. I shared a picture on Instagram. I’ll share the link/picture here later if I remember to add it!

Sometimes I get caught up in trying to clean up my blog or website, visit other blogs, critiquing for writing partners, updating Facebook or twitter, or writing blog posts or newsletters and I don’t get any writing done at all. I’m also addicted to checking Amazon to see if any new reader has bought my book. I’m hoping this will pass, because writing is way more fun!

About my personal life

I’m a mom of three boys, ages 11, 9, and 5. I’m also a first grade teacher. Hence the writing before school and after my kids’ homework is done, they’re fed, we’ve gone to their baseball games, and they’re in bed.

I’ve been teaching for seventeen years, always elementary school. The best parts of my school days are when I’m teaching reading and writing, obviously.

I’m Catholic and so Christianity is part of who I am. There’s usually a character in my book who is also, and their values and virtues and struggles with faith influence them or their decisions in some way. My books aren’t written specifically for Christians, however, and they’re not preachy or overbearing.

I’m an only child who played tennis, the flute, and took ballet up until I met my husband. He was “the computer guy” for my school district and we hit it off when he set my computer up one September. We were married the following September. Now he’s with his family’s cheese-making business, but I still go to him when I have computer issues–which is all. the . time.

My mom died recently. So, my dad and I are trying to get through that. I actually started writing novels with grieving characters before she passed away, but now I have first-hand knowledge and can write those circumstances and emotions more authentically, unfortunately.

What I do for fun

Erm. I write. And I read.

I like to play board games with my kids. I run a couple of times per week. We have a camper that we can stay at May through September. I like to sit by the campfire and swim. I eat way too many nachos and cheese and enjoy a nice, room-temperature glass of Malbec with cheese and French bread.

Favorite authors, books, and movies

My go-to authors that I always buy what they write are Kiersten White, Rachel Morgan, Gayle Foreman, Maggie Stiefvater. I also enjoy Jandy Nelson, Margo Raab, Tahereh Mafi, Stephanie Perkins, John Green, and more.

As a teacher I love the Alexander and the No Good, Very Bad Day books (love his voice!) and Kevin Henkes. Of course, we read dozens more each week.

Love The Sky Is Everywhere and Shiver and Anna and the French Kiss and The Fault in Our Stars.

French Kiss, You’ve Got Mail, all Audrey Hepburn movies, especially Roman Holiday. There must be more, but it’s late now and my brain is shutting down! Please excuse all typos and anything that makes no sense at this point. Thankfully my books have great beta readers, critique partners, and editors!

Tomorrow, you’ll have a chance to share  YOUR reading (and movie) preferences with me! I hope you will.

(And I’ll stop back in the morning if I think of it to fix up these last few sentences and add in the information that’s eluding me at this late hour!)

Much love, Cecelia ❤

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