What I’ve Been Up To Lately: Cover Reveals, Publication Plans and Dates

Hi,  I’d started blogging with a plan to do so more regularly, and then… didn’t post again until now. With school starting in a week or so, it’ll be even harder to make time for writerly goals. (I’m a teacher.) I wish I was better at setting and sticking to a schedule, but as of yet I’ve failed at that. BUT I am not a quitter and I believe that every day, every week, every year is  a new beginning, so I’ll keep trying.

I also made a video (vlog) to share with you all (several, actually) but feel way too silly sharing it… yet. Maybe soon I’ll just bite the bullet and put it out here for you. It was an introductory video–introducing me and my books to you, reading a chapter out loud, talking about where my books started from (original title and such). The funny thing is, when the camera is rolling, and I’m speaking unscripted to an image of myself in my laptop screen (weird!) silly things come out of my mouth (like, I wrote a trilogy of three books…. really?!? duh) and then I’m too embarrassed to share. (And I wasted/spent a lot of time making and remaking the same video. It was comical.

I’ve been working on writing book 1.5, the novella from Mila’s point of view. I think it’ll be really good. It’s just, chapter three was sticky and slowed me down. Hoping to get lots written today, though. My plan is to have it done by next weekend… and get it to my editor and publish it by September. THEN I will plot out book 2.5 and 3 (When Fire Rains Down) by the end of September and write book 3 to get it to my editor. This all means I’m waaaaay behind schedule.  December publication???? (Probably not with the extensive editing and beta reading that takes at least a month out of my control.)

I’m incredibly sorry that I keep pushing back publication for book 3.

But, I don’t want to rush it and I want to make sure the story will be complete and be the best it can be. Which has meant doing some character, setting, and plot exploration with these side novellas and short stories.

Sometimes I take a creative break. One of the best parts of being in my own publishing business and publishing independently is the creative control I have. I love the freedom I have in making my own covers, deciding on font, branding, formatting, editing,… everything. Am I doing everything correctly and successfully? Probably not and no. But I keep learning. I hope you’ll all share your thoughts and opinions with me (if you have any) because then I can adapt to your preferences. Readers and other writers really make a huge difference. So, please, interact.

So… my creative break. I’ve gotten caught up on covers. I’ve made all but book 3’s cover for my Kingdom Come series. That one will be a little trickier, because I still have to buy the image and have my brother-in-law “cut out the girl” so I can use her on the background I choose. Then I need to make the paperback full and front cover which is now different than the e-book cover will be.

I’ve also made two covers for the YA Contemporary novels I plan to release next year (2018).

Here are the fruits of my labor:

after the smokeThis is book 2.5. It will be told from Cole’s point of view. It takes place during book 2. Remember when he takes off and disappears for a little bit? This novella will be the story about where he went and what he did during that time.

wfrd place holder cover

This NOT the cover for book 3. Just teasing. I promise to work hard on getting it out as soon as I can, but also promise to make it the best I can, which means… taking some time. Sorry. Thank you for your patience. ❤

after the fire

This will be a post-trilogy short story from Mitch’s point of view.

twentyseven daisies

This is a standalone novel about four teens. It’s a story about friendship, grief, love, independence, confidence, growing up, and finding ones confidence.

illusion of control final

This is a standalone novel about a girl who needs to decide if she wants to hold onto the control she thinks she has on life, when life shows her over and over again that it’s too fragile to have power over, or onto love.


True blurbs and more information on future novellas, short stories, and standalone YA contemporary novels to come! For now, my creative break is over and I’m ready to do some amazing and fast writing!

Until next time…

Much love,

Cecelia ❤

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