My books are on sale!


It’s officially fall, but here in Wisconsin it’s a crazy 90 degrees with a million percent humidity. And I’m running a half marathon in two days. My dad said, “Don’t be trying to set any records in this heat. Just be glad if you finish without needing medical attention. Especially at your age.”

Nice, huh?

He followed that with, “You know I’m kidding.”

Anyways, what fun will it be to run if I can’t hope to cross the finish line and see a certain time on the clock?

In other, bookish news:

When Ash Rains Down and When Smoke Rains Down are both 99 cents (for a very limited time)! And Before the Ashes is FREE!  Grab your copies before the prices go up.  (Or, if you’ve read them, let reading friends and family know they can get them on sale!)


Happy reading!

If you’ve read any of my books and and enjoyed them, please add one, or all, to some lists on Goodreads.
Here are some options:

Best Angel Books
Books With Angels, Gods, Or Demons
YA Angels

If you have a minute, you can also leave a review on Goodreads or post one on Amazon. Thanks for your patience with me as you wait for the novellas and final novel in the series!

Always stay young at heart,

Cecelia ❤



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