After the Ashes Release Date


Hi there!

I hope you’re finding some time to read and relax this month. I, for one, spent the evening shopping with my youngest before racing off to my middle son’s baseball game! This weekend we have the youngest’s birthday party (with much of his kindergarten class).

So maybe you’re wondering whether or not the Thanksgiving turkey gobbled me up.

Fear not, I’m doing well. I ran 70 miles last month. I wrote 13, 000 words of When Fire Rains Down (book 3). You can see how I transformed my dining room table (post-Thanksgiving meal) back into my office for writing! (Yes, 13, 000 was a far, far cry from the 50,000 I’d planned for.)

In addition to drafting book 3, however, I finished revisions for After the Ashes and got it to my editor. I hosted Thanksgiving, and it went perfectly. I completed report cards… Yes, it was after midnight the day they were due, but they got done. I ran my second half-marathon of the fall. This one was with my cousins, so it was way more fun. I’ll share a picture in a future post. Promise.

I know my deadlines and hopeful release dates have probably become a bit of a joke to you, (Spring… no, summer. Ooh, I’ll have it to you this fall, winter, 2018… )or maybe every time I mention one you roll your eyes. It’s deserved. But whether or not I deliver my stories on time, I WILL deliver them.  Better late than never, right?!?

I received my edits back from my editor last week. I made some changes and sent After the Ashes back. I received my final, final edits today, and I’m happy to say I have a couple of items to tweak and then the novella will be ready for formatting!  The cover is set and ready to go… You’ve seen that. I just need to revamp the blurb and then it will be out in the world for you to read! I’ll let you know here, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and via my my newsletter. Think: within 7 days) Maybe I’ll try making another short video, too. We’ll see how daring I feel next week!

I have a couple of other things to update you on.

The ebook distributor I used to get Before the Ashes (Kingdom Come prequel short story) on Amazon for free recently announced they are shutting down. At this time I do not plan to put it up for sale, so it will no longer be available to anyone but my newsletter subscribers.

In addition to receiving Before the Ashes free, I am currently preparing an entire free sneak peek collection for my newsletter subscribers. It will include portions of stories and exclusives from the series such as:

  • Before the Ashes (the entire short story prequel from Kari’s POV for free)
  • When Ash Rains Down (25-50 pages-ish of the complete novel, book 1, free)
  • After the Ashes (one chapter-ish of novella, book 1.5 from Warrior Angel Mila’s POV, free)
  • When Smoke Rains Down (25-50 pages-ish of the complete novel, book 2, free)
  • After the Smoke (for now, the blurb of novella, book 2.5 from Cole’s POV)
  • When Fire Rains Down (sample pages of my unedited draft of the novel, book 3)
  • After the Fire (for now, the blurb of the post-series short story from Mitch’s POV)
  • Exclusive author notes from the points of view of Cole, Nicholas, Mr. Star, and Azarius as I delved into their personalities and motivations as well as notes on the setting, Shady Creek, Wisconsin
  • A note to readers

(As I assemble the collection, I reserve the right to change the contents and amount of pages/chapters I end up including. Content will change from time to time also and I will update throughout the year(s) as needed.)

If you’re already a subscriber, you’ll get the collection as soon as it’s ready to go. If you’re interested in receiving it, I’ll post a link soon so you can sign up and be sure to have access to the collection and all forthcoming bookish updates, giveaways, announcements, exclusives, etc. For now, you can sign up for my newsletter through this link:

Until next time, when I announce that there’s a new Kingdom Come story for you to read, take care!


I’m beyond excited to see the new Star Wars. (LOVE Rey!) and Pitch Perfect 3!!! Anyone else fans of these movies?!?


I’m attending a private author event tomorrow night! A friend of mine is hosting a book club and they read my book, so I’m making an appearance to meet some readers… and… gulp… find out what they thought of When Ash Rains Down. Wish me luck! ❤ Maybe they’ll let me take a group photo to share with you. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Much love,

Cecelia ❤

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