Now find When Ash Rains Down (and all my books) at your favorite retailer! (And it’s FREE!)

Big changes are in store for readers of my Kingdom Come: The Legend of Shady Creek series.

First off, When Ash Rains Down, When Smoke Rains Down, and When Fire Rains Down have new e-book covers. And they no longer include the bonus stories Before the Ashes and After the Ashes. Both companion stories are still available, only separately. No changes have been made to the paperback versions (same covers, bonus stories included).



As the exclusivity period at Amazon ends, books are becoming available at all of your favorite digital stores. (In addition to the stores shown here, you will soon also be able to find my books on Google Play, Overdrive, and Bibliotheca.)

ward free on select retailers

Whether you read e-books or paperbacks, you have many options available to purchase my books. (They may also be available in hardback as early as next spring!) Find out where my books are sold here.

BEST OF ALL When Ash Rains Down is now FREE everywhere but Amazon. (Feel free to suggest this price to Amazon at the bottom of When Ash Rains Down’s book page and Amazon will make it free also!) Get your copy today and tell all your reading friends and family!

Have a blessed weekend!

Cecelia ❤

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