Vacation Bloopers


My husband, sons, and I are on vacation in North Carolina during our week off of school/work. We left behind a cold, rainy/snowy Wisconsin so the cool 600-degree weather (Whoops! Typo. I meant 60-degree!) we were met with was nice, not hot as I’d hoped, but nice. I wanted sunshine and a pool, a book and a tan.

We arrived at the hotel late, late since our second flight had been delayed for three hours. When we woke up the next morning I was happy to throw open the doors of our bedroom to an outdoor private patio. The air was warm-ish even if the sky was overcast and threatening rain. That didn’t seem to matter anyhow as the outdoor pool my patio overlooked was still covered. No worries. The boys swam in the indoor pool. Later in the day, I made my way to the front desk to find out about my outdoor pool.

“Hi, when does the outdoor pool open? Later today?” I asked.

The concierge raised his eyebrow. “Later… in May,” he corrected.


Crestfallen, my husband and I decided to check out of the hotel early and check into a new one… with a pool AND free breakfast!

This hotel had an outdoor pool and miraculously the temperature heated up to the high seventies and even low eighties for a couple of days, AND the sun came out! I basked in the sunshine and fried my skin red. Oops and ouch! Bring on the aloe and coconut oil.

Day two of my glorious hours lying by the pool (Never IN it… it was FRIGID! My kids are my heroes. They have skin like steel!) you’ll never believe what happened. Something dropped onto my foot from out of the sky. Just out of nowhere. It looked like salsa but it was warm and the goo covered the entire bridge of my foot. ACK! BLOOD AND GUTS. Seriously blood and guts must have dropped out of a hawk’s mouth from miles above and landed on my foot. I may never eat salsa again.


Last night, mind you this is day FIVE of our vacation, my son is next to me in the bathroom where I grab my toothbrush.

“Mom, is that the toothbrush you’ve been using the whole week?” he asks.

I snatch it and hold it to my chest. “Yes… why?”

“That’s the one I’ve been using.”

“What, why? Yours is the blue one!” I hastily stick the brush back in the glass and grab the blue one instead.

“Last time we were in a hotel you said that one was mine.”

“Well, this time it wasn’t!”

Mutually disgusted, he shrugs and walks out while I brush my teeth really well with the toothbrush that hadn’t been touched all week.


Have a blessed Holy Saturday and Easter!

XO Cecelia


Ooh! I forgot one.

We are from Wisconsin, which means we are HUGE Packer fans. My husband made his way through the hotel lobby yesterday where he spotted a man wearing a green football hat. My husband passed behind him and called out, “Nice hat!”

The man turned, “You a Jets fan?”

My husband, at this point not wanting to admit he thought it was a Packer hat says, “Yeah!”

“Most people give me a hard time about wearing this thing,” the man says.

“Not me.”

I’m SO buying my husband a Jets hat for Father’s Day.


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