I’m celebrating 2020 by putting my entire series ON SALE!

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Have you read the conclusion to my series yet? If not, now’s your perfect chance. My ENTIRE Kingdom Come series is ON SALE!
Get started on your 2020 reading goal by reading the companion stories and full-length novels for FREE or JUST 99 CENTS!
Meet my favorite side characters (Kari, Mila, & Cole) up close and personal in the stories where they’re the stars!
Or finally find out how Julia’s story unfolds in When Smoke Rains Down and concludes in When Fire Rains Down.
The full-length novels are LESS THAN A BUCK!
**In the end, Julia has a decision to make, and it’s more than a choice between Cole and Nicolas, whether or not she can trust her father or Mila, and even more than the choice between good and evil.**

Read the conclusion to my series in When Fire Rains Down.

“Beautiful descriptions of Earth, Heaven, and other realms offer brief respite to the mounting tension as Julia and the warrior angels prepare for a fateful raid on Hell. Her nemesis threatens her, challenges her, and educates her until she can … be what she’s meant–what she chooses–to be.” ~ Reader Review
*** Link to the book sale here: https://books2read.com/ap/8POLZz/Cecelia-Earl

What are your reading goals for 2020? What are the top titles on your TBR?

I don’t have a reading plan for this year yet as I’m focusing on writing, but my top books this past year were CARAVAL, LEGENDARY, AND FINALE. Loved, loved, loved this series by Stephanie Garber!

I started RESTORE ME by Tahereh Mafi while on Christmas break but haven’t gotten very far. However, I’m certain I’ll finish in in the next month or two so that’ll probably be my first book of the year.

Next, I have RENEGADES by Marissa Meyer so that may well by my second. My favorite series of 2018-19 was Cinder, so I’m certain I’ll love it!

Happy Reading!

Cecelia ❤

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