Coming (Very) Soon! Grow your #Goodreads Want-To-Read Shelf!

Before the Ashes is on Goodreads BECAUSE you’ll be able to read it FOR FREE and from THE E-BOOK RETAILER OF YOUR CHOICE in just a day or two!

I’M SO EXCITED! It’s a short story (fewer than 40 pages), but it’s a fun peek into the world of my Kingdom Come series. It’s a prequel told from the point of view of a character you’ll meet in the series and it sets into motion a catastrophic even that won’t come to fruition until the end of the series.


And you can check out the book’s sale page HERE. As soon as it’s available, you’ll be able to grab your FREE copy!

before the ashes cover final

Kari’s actions will shake the world as she knows it… and there’s nothing she will be able to do to fix the error of her ways.

Kari is nobody special. She’s a high school spirit enthusiast, an aspiring Homecoming Queen, and a—almost—straight C-student who benefits from tutoring sessions with the antisocial, actual Homecoming Queen, Julia White. Kari’s a pleaser, and she’ll deny herself anything if it means making someone else happier, and that includes Julia. So, if that means studying to get a good grade on her math test, then that’s what she’s bound and determined to do.

Yes, Kari’s just another senior at Shady Creek High School… until shadows creep to cover the land around her renovated farmhouse one autumn evening. It’s a night she won’t remember, but its impact will shake the world as she knows it. Because in those shadows hides a powerful, conspiring demon with big plans for her.

And one day soon, he’ll order her to put those evil plans into play.

Just this once, she needed to say no. She needed to deny someone—no, something—what he was asking for. Because, by summer, nobody will be safe. Especially not Julia. And acing a math test won’t fix the error of Kari’s ways. Nothing will.

Before the Ashes is a Kingdom Come Series Short Story, a prequel to When Ash Rains Down.

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