My #FREE Short #Story Is Ready For You!

I’m home from an amazing “weekend” of baseball (I don’t play, my 11yo son does.) and so I FINALLY got that short story published for you all to read! (Before the Ashes is live everywhere: e-book online retailer sale page, Goodreads,  Amazon  if you want to grab your FREE copy!)

before the ashes cover final

And in case you’re wondering how the “weekend” went… After five days, a LOT of rain (and some hail), game cancellations, a fire evacuation, parent and team bonding, swimming, paddle boarding, sandcastle building, eating, drinking, UNO, washer toss, inventing a new sandwich called THE RAINOUT (Paul’s Perfect Pulled Pork, (my mushy) cheesy potatoes, and Rendevous hot sauce on a bun), and eventually five games of baseball (my kid played five amazing games at second base) THE BOYS TOOK HOME A FIRST PLACE TROPHY to end their season. (Their second championship this year! (My 9yo took home a first place this year also, to be fair to him!))

Anyways, it was a long and very fun weekend. BEST coaches and families a mom could ask for. My kids love playing and love their teammates.


Much love,


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    1. Thank you so much! Sorry it took me so long to view this comment!


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