#amwriting Here’s an excerpt!

Proof I’m working on When Fire Rains Down

I don’t know for sure where this scene falls; I’m writing without chapters this time. Never done that before! It’s about 30 pages into the draft.

Julia’s hanging out with Mila from book 1.5 in this scene… and she’s NOT thrilled about it!

Here goes!


“Sure it is.” Mila leans in toward the table. “It’s even more advanced. Now they don’t need to be standing by their victims in harm’s way while siphoning. Those gray lines measure the strength and the amount of poison in the human’s body. The longer the line, the more the soul is absent from the body, and the more a source of power for all of Hell’s minions it becomes.”

She leans back and pauses for dramatic effect. I roll my eyes and Nicholas shakes his head at me. What? He doesn’t think she’s ridiculous for her theatrics? She’s not even giving us that much additional information. I had the poison in me. I know more than she does.

She looks at Nicholas with her big eyes and full lips, all naturally pink and beautiful. “When the demon slashed Julia, and when Lucifer implanted the poison in Noah, those were experiments. Once Luca saw how effective the so-called venom was, he began using it on every human he could.”

“Luca?” I whisper. “Sounds a little too much like a term of endearment to use a nickname… for the devil.”

I’ve leaned across the table, reaching toward Nicholas who whispers back, “Calm down. They used to be friends.”

I choke on my next breath. “Friends?” The next one goes a little better, so I’m able to add, “And we trust her?”

“Of course, he Fell, she didn’t. All the angels were good at one point, even Lucifer and her friend Legion.”

I lean back, but it seems to me she’s ex-friends with a heck of a lot of demons.


That’s it! (For now.) What’d you think?

Much love,

Cecelia ❤

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