My 2017 Bookshelf #ireadya

Here are the books I read last year (in reverse order). (I’m terrible at writing reviews, so there’s no real blurb or anything, just my brief “what I liked was” comment. But you can click on any of the images and be taken to their Goodreads page to find out more!)

My Goodreads goal had been 25… I read 16, three of which were my own. That’s not cheating is it?

Did you read any of these? What did you think?













The final (first?) three I read were my own… though these really are out of order. When Smoke Rains Down released in May, Before the Ashes in August, and After the Ashes just last month.



I’ve been thinking of setting a list of the 25 books I plan to read in 2018 rather than winging it as I usually do.

Based on the books I read here, do you have any suggestions? Any new authors I’m missing out on?

I’ve been hoping to read more indie authors this year. Who are your favorites?

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