My books are now available with new covers and BONUS CONTENT! (And a series announcement!)

Hello reading and writing friends!

We had family over for my two eldest sons’ birthdays yesterday, during which I was the brunt of several jokes (all earned and all in good fun)! In case she stops by this blog today, I’d like to wish my cousin Lori a very Birthday Happy!

The news!

I released When Ash Rains Down and When Smoke Rains Down with new covers and bonus content!

The why:

Mostly I wanted to make these available in paperback form so my non-screen reading readers could enjoy Before the Ashes: Kari’s Short Story and After the Ashes: Mila’s Novella because I like them so much, and I realize how important they are to the final installment that I’m working on now. (Though, be assured, I’m working hard to ensure readers who don’t read the companion stories won’t be left in the dark!) And I figured since I’m adding content to the interior, and wanted to add a bonus content sticker to the cover, why not add a little more depth to the cover while I’m at it! So, now Shady Creek is on the cover along with Julia. (I may share more about the image in a later post!)

And since I updated the paperbacks, I figured I’d give the same gift to e-book readers!

The announcement!

You’ll notice that the series name is still Kingdom Come, but the trilogy is now named The Legend of Shady Creek Trilogy. That’s because I’m planning a Kingdom Come trilogy about Melissa and Raif (Julia’s parents) that will be called the The Story of Summersby Corner Trilogy (or something like that)!

Shady Creek has become as important to me as my characters and has grown in depth and mystery and intrigue as much as my characters have unveiled themselves throughout their stories. As I wrote Mila’s story, I came to know Shady Creek in a whole new way and it unveiled a legend to me over the course of her novella. I’ve been working to uncover the details of that legend in recent weeks, and now that I know what it is, finally, I can move forward with my writing.

So now I have time to write, though, I also have report cards due Wednesday and I leave on vacation Friday, working full time until then, so let’s pray I accomplish many words anyway!

Here are my new covers:

ward snowy sparkle front only . wsrd smoky front only

amazon-logo_blackkindle unlimited

I’ll post pics from my vacation after we return. It’s our first just-us family vacation ever! (Besides camping.) We are off to Lego Land and Universal Studios! Are you doing anything out of the ordinary this spring? Do tell in the comments!

Much love,

Cecelia ❤

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