Release Date! (And an excerpt for fun.)

sneek peak


When Fire Rains Down will be out July 27, 2018! IT’S FOR REAL! You’ll be able to read the conclusion to my series in a matter of months!

Stay tuned for details on a Facebook party with cover reveal and bookish giveaways (June!). You won’t want to miss it.

I’m up early writing before heading to the baseball diamonds with the kids. Thought I’d share a sneak peek from my draft. Happy Saturday! ❤

Nicholas begins to swing the chains over his head, slowly at first, and then in wider circles, so quickly they are nearly invisible, until they began to glow and throw sparks.

“Hey, watch it over there,” Cole shouts where he and my dad stop talking to look over their shoulders at us as sparks fly over their heads. The wall across the room sizzles as flames impact it and die out, leaving black singe marks for seconds before the wall returns to its normal pristine surface.

“You’re fine,” Nicholas quips. “These are Demon-Fire scythes. Only demons will feel or be harmed by them.”


Much love,

Cecelia ❤

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