Tentative Dates… When Fire Rains Down

Good morning!

As I work to complete the third book in my series, I also work on finalizing its blurb and release date/promotion schedules.

To keep you informed, here’s a tentative outline of events.

June 25 (Monday night) Time TBD: When Fire Rains Down Cover Reveal Facebook Party (Excerpts, Contests, Games, Giveaways, Etc.) (Invites coming soon!)

(Authors interested in being featured during the Facebook Party, to post info on yourselves and your books, let me know! author@ceceliaearl.com)

June 25: When Fire Rains Down available for pre-order! (Add to your Goodreads TBR shelf!)

July 9: review copies of When Fire Rains Down available

July 19-21: series and swag available for purchase at Realm Makers Conference book store in MO

July TBD: When Fire Rains Down available for review on Amazon (paperback release)

July 26: Author Interview

July 27: When Fire Rains Down available for you to read! (Amazon, including Kindle Unlimited)

July 30-August 3: Blog Tour ( A week of reviews and interviews)

August 5: Author Interview

If you’re interested in being involved in a blog tour, takeover tour, instagram features, facebook party, stay tuned or email me author@ceceliaearl.com ❤

Here’s my work-in-progress blurb as of right now!

Hell is nothing like Julia imagined and beyond everything she feared…

Julia wants to protect her friends, family, and hometown of Shady Creek from Lucifer and his demons by finding and returning all the Guardians to their charges, but her father doesn’t want her anywhere near the rescue mission and Hell’s gates.

Regardless, Julia begins training, but she faces more barriers than her father who doesn’t want her involved. Shadowy demons nobody knew existed reach for her and suck her into a vacuum in the cosmos. Narrowly escaping their clutches, an icy fear has seeped into her resolve. But she doesn’t want to be thrown off the rescue team, so she keeps quiet about the shadows and voices she hears.

Meanwhile, more and more demons exhibit new powers on earth, and more mysteries encompass Shady Creek, revealing an ago-old legend surrounding the town.

Julia tries to protect everyone: her brother, Mitch, and even Nicholas when her feelings for him become all too real, and all too dangerous; They need to focus on getting into Hell and getting out. There’s no room for error.

Unstable emotions and the imbalance in the cosmos, fueled by unnatural Hybrid Angels, Rogue Guardians, and confused Warriors, are doing nothing for the strength of their Rescue Team.

She’ll have to push her fears aside and let go of control once and for all. And, she’ll have to figure out how she’s tied to the ancient stories, because there’s truth in the legend of how Hybrids came into existence, and in that truth lies the answer to ending this battle.

It’s all or nothing in this end-of-the world finale to the Kingdom Come series.

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