It’s Book Release Day! Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card & Check Out the Book SALE!


Have you ever worked really hard to accomplish something, going through ups and downs the whole while? Yes? Me, too! That’s why today is so special to me. I completed a trilogy! I still can’t believe it’s done, AND I’m happy with how it ended (for the most part).

Today When Fire Rains Down is in the hands of readers all over the world and I am so excited! To celebrate its release I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift card here on Facebook. Head on over to enter for your chance to win.

I’m also celebrating its release with a book sale! When Ash Rains Down is FREE today only and When Smoke Rains Down is 99 cents for a limited time. Then it will be $1.99 before going back up to full price later next week.

series discount promo image


When Ash Rains Down is FREE (today only) (Includes bonus short story.)

When Smoke Rains Down is 99 cents (normally $2.99) (Includes bonus novella.)

When Fire Rains Down is out today! (FREE in Kindle Unlimited)

Find out what readers are saying about my books and see which books I’ve been loving on Goodreads.

What have you struggled with, worked through, and completed? Did you feel relief, pride, disappointed afterward? I’d love to hear!

Happy reading!
Cecelia XO

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