Preorder Cole’s story today!

Find out what happened to Cole when he disappeared during When Smoke Rains Down!

after the smokeWhen Cole’s humanity comes at a price, he pays with his freedom. Sentencing himself to exile in realms outside angelic protection, he’s literally in Hell.

But once his charge’s father, Raif, is abducted and detained in the cell next to him, he’s determined to set him free. After all, his charge is also the love of his existence. The trouble is, the devil has given him the task of siphoning Raif’s soul to fuel his army with his human-angel Hybrid power. And if he doesn’t comply, they may both be doomed to an eternity of withering away while their Glory helps Hell’s kingdom come.

With Cole’s will and energy draining, will he be able to fight off the demands of Hell to save the last of his goodness, or will he fade away, leaving his charge and her family forever at the mercy of the Prince of Hell?

After the Smoke is a behind the scenes look at the world beyond Julia’s earthly realm in Shady Creek. A Kingdom Come Novella, this is Cole’s story, Book 2.5.

Order your copy today!

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