Three Year Anniversary & My Birthday

I can’t believe it but three years ago today I released WHEN ASH RAINS DOWN! Since then I released two more full-length novels and three companion stories–one short and two novella length, from the points of view of minor–and yet favorite–characters, Kari, Mila, and Cole. I wish I had more to show for the three years, but since releasing Cole’s story, AFTER THE SMOKE, I haven’t written more than 40,000 words–and that’s for two different novels.

That said, I have high hopes that I’ll release three novels this year and three in 2021. I’m working on two trilogies: a royal academy series and a fairy tale retelling series (MAGICAL REFORMATION TRILOGY).

This year, I also plan to release something special for those of you who loved my first series but have yet to read everything, or who would love to read it all again with a different spin. Or, if you haven’t checked out my first series yet, you’ll be able to read the entire series at once, in one book. My highest hope is to rewrite the series, called THE LEGEND OF SHADY CREEK, in third person past, incorporating all the characters’ points of views, characters from the full-length novels and companion stories, into three main parts of one long story, rather than just putting all the stories together, as they already are, in order, into a cohesive binding, which is another option. Does that make sense?

We shall see how my motivation and time work with my hopes, dreams, and goals!

Here’s to a productive and creative 2020! (Don’t forget to check out my BOOK SALE in honor of 2020 and my birthday!

3D Legend of Shady Creek

3D BACK Legend of Shady Creek

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Cecelia ❤

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