7 steps (and 28 minutes) to a healthier lifestyle


Start your day with these seven simple steps that will take you just 28 minutes to complete.

7. Take a seven-minute walk outside. Fresh air and exercise will clear your head and get your blood pumping making you more energized and your entire day more productive.

6. Spend six minutes doing these exercises for 30 seconds each: burpees, push-ups, squats, plank, repeat. You’ll do three rounds during the six minutes. These are cardio exercises to get your heart pumping but will also strengthen your muscles by targeting your core, arms, glutes, and legs. Burn off some calories, tone your muscles, and increase your heart health!

5. Pray for five minutes. Spend two or three minutes reading the scripture readings and meditation for the day. (I suggest finding them here.) Then, spend one minute talking to God: Praise Him, thank Him, apologize for offending Him, ask Him for help, pray for others. Finish by spending one minute in silence listening to God. The quiet reflection will provide your mind with the peace needed to face the day, not to mention arm you with spiritual warfare to ward off negativity and help you face the day without losing your temper or using harsh words (or even thinking harshly about others).

4. Give yourself four minutes to do whatever you want. Sit near a window with a warm cup of tea or coffee. Read a chapter from the book you can’t put down. Turn on the TV to see what’s happening in the world. Watch your children sleep. Snuggle with your significant other. Lie down and stare at the ceiling. Listen to your favorite song. Draw. Eat something delicious.

3. Journal or write for three minutes. Spend three minutes putting words on paper without worrying about what you’ll think of them later.

2. Spend two minutes sending an uplifting message. Text or email a positive, loving or thankful message to someone. Or take a beautiful picture to send to a loved one.

1.  Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen for one minute. Make a prioritized list stating what you want to accomplish during the day. Don’t just make a mental to-do list. Write it down so you can physically check off the tasks as you complete them. At the end of the day, look at the items you completed and congratulate yourself on your productivity. Be thankful for another day to complete anything yet unfinished.

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